Summer Food Drive For Kids by Kids

Each Friday, Seattle’s Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) distributes healthy food to over 200 kids and families in need through their Packs for Kids program.

Will you help us at Food Driving Box keep tummies full this summer? Specifically, Pack for Kids need the following items. Please use this shopping list to fill your Food Driving Box on your next grocery shopping trip:

  • fruit cups/applesauce
  • microwavable single serve meals
  • microwavable single serve soup
  • trail mix/granola bars
  • dried fruit/fruit leather/fruit snacks
  • 100% fruit juice

Donate food at the University District Food Bank or Laurelhurst Community Center. 

University District Food Bank Donation Drop off Schedule and location:

Mon, Wed, Fri – 10a-3p; Tues, Thurs – 3p-8p

1413 NE 50th Street
Seattle, WA 98105

Kids Food Drive Shopping List Food Driving Box


What $50 can buy for your Food Bank at Safeway

I’m not great at coupon-ing. I wish I were! I LOVE the idea of scoring a deal and making sure I have plenty on hand to keep the hungry faminals (that’s family+animals) at bay. So when I don’t have a stash of coupons on hand to stock up, I head to my local Safeway where they delight me with their 10 for $10 offers, the selection of good, healthy brands and more.

Our church had a local appeal from the neighborhood food bank whose shelves are bare, a common theme for food banks this time of year. The kids and I headed off to Safeway with a list, a budget and a mission. Our mission was to purchase as much healthy, protein-rich, yet yummy foods for the food bank for $50. Since we’re frequent food bank donors we felt like the $50 was both generous and gives us more to spend later in June when we’ll be running our own food drive.

I was so delighted to pick up the following food that will go directly to families that need it most in our neighborhood. Here’s what $50 bought me at my Seattle area Safeway. Incidentally, I asked the sweet gal at the bakery if she could sell me the day old bakery and bread items, but Safeway has a policy against this. I say no problem because they turn those items into croutons or yard waste and they daily donate what they can to their neighborhood food bank. She and her associate were very sensitive to the issue and that speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned, and I am.

Here’s what $50 bought us for our local Food Bank at Safeway:

  • 10 cans meat and bean chili
  • 2 huge family size boxes cheerios
  • 2 regular size boxes whole grain cheerios – lightly sweetened for breakfast or a snack
  • 2 family size cans progresso chicken noodle soup
  • 5 low sodium cans black beans
  • 3 monster size apple sauce ‘jugs’ in plastic containers, which food banks prefer so they don’t break
  • 10 boxes Annie’s organic mac and cheese – my kids live for this
  • 2 huge family style Bush’s baked beans with bacon – my hubby lives for THIS
  • 48 double nature valley granola bars – I live for these!

Here’s what it all looks like:

$50 for the food bank food driving box



Fill Your Heart and Food Driving Box in Seattle’s Child

Wow! What a wonderful gift to be featured in Seattle’s Child magazine, which does such an amazing job of sharing important news, trends and support for Seattle-area families. Our Fill Your Heart and Food Driving Box campaign are featured in print and online in the February issue of Seattle’s Child. Pick up your copy at libraries, schools, community centers and anywhere families gather. Enjoy!

Fill Your Heart Campaign Food Driving Box



Happy #GivingTuesday!

Wow! This feels good! Instead of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and reports of mass mobs at retail, we all get to give a little, or a lot. Love this initiative to reach out to our communities this holiday season.

The original Food Driving Box

The original Food Driving Box

There are so many simple, yet powerful ways to give. From sharing a smile to a donation to your local human services charity to filling a Food Driving Box and dropping non-perishable food and personal supplies to one of Seattle’s 27 area food banks.

It’s an easy step and a great way to kick off a giving holiday season. When you do you’ll head right to the top of the Nice List!

Here’s a list of Seattle’s convenient and easy to find Food Banks to pick up your FREE Food Driving Box and make

direct donations to help drive away hunger in the Northwest.

Thank you!

Lots and lots and lots of Food Driving Boxes to give away – when will you get yours?


new food driving boxes October 2013

Get ‘em while they’re hot! We just received our new shipment of Food Driving Boxes and they’re ready to share with Seattle. So excited to start distributing the Food Driving Boxes to organizations, events, schools, and groups to help us get boxes into every vehicle in our community.

Email us here (fooddrivingbox at gmail dot com) to receive as many boxes as you need for your next community event. Let’s all drive away hunger in the NW this holiday season!

Thank you!




The Original Food Driving Box – Made by Kids!

The very first Food Driving Box was an old open-toppped, handled box that we got to cart home a gingerbread house that we decorated last holiday season. The bubbles were percolating on the Food Driving Box idea and this box set it into motion. I’m thankful for everything that led us to now.

The original Food Driving Box

The original Food Driving Box

Once we gently unloaded our gingerbread house the box sat in the basement for a couple of weeks before we pulled it out and said ‘ah ha!’ Let’s decorate this and start using it for our weekly food bank donations. Here’s the result. While the original will always be a favorite, we’re all thrilled with the real deal too!

Please join us and get your FREE Food Driving Box to help us drive away hunger in the NW. Thank you!

Pick up your box at any of the 27 Seattle Food Banks listed here.

Food Driving Box Partner Profile: White Center Food Bank

Since the 1970′s the White Center Food Bank has been serving families in need with a range of services from on-site and Mobile Food Bank programs to their innovative Giving Garden. In 2011, the White Center Food Bank served over 20,000 families in their community.

white center food bank giving garden

white center food bank giving garden

Food Driving Box (FDB) is VERY proud to partner with the White Center Food Bank as a pick up location as well as a donation center for FDB donors. The organization has been an incredible support, immediately asking for additional Food Driving Boxes to share with their loyal supporters.

The White Center Food Bank is incredibly creative in finding ways to engage and encourage community support. Here’s their Amazon Wish List with items of need.

To donate directly, visit the White Center Food Bank at 10829 8th Ave SW Seattle WA 98146. Please call for hours 206.762.2848.

Thank you for your support!